The QuidPro suite of solutions allows your company to remain compliant and protect your business from any kind of fraud-related circumstances, while making sure your transactions are in order and business-to-business relations stay healthy.

The solutions we provide follow strict KYC guidelines and are always security-first.

Quidpro Overwatch


Automatically verify your supplier accounts concerning money laundering and terrorism financing with official databases and sanction lists issued by governmental finance departments and ministries, international banks and organizations, United Nations and its affiliates.

QuidPro Overwatch

Fraud Protection

Protect your business against the risk of fraud with QuidPro Fraud Protection, our dynamic collection of fraud detection algorithms, configurable to suit your company's needs.

QuidPro Review

Transaction Review

Proactively review your transactions as they occur, before the batch is submitted for payment, preventing mistakes from slipping through. Improve batch quality as verification is carried out before payment or clearing, which means that no recovery is required.

QuidPro Reconcile

Automated Statement Requests

Automate your statement requests and control the results with a dramatically easier solution that increases visibility, improves data quality while reducing overheads associated with errors and the correction thereof.

QuidPro Reconcile

Vendor Data Verification

Keep your master vendor database up-to-date by automatically flagging any duplicates or inactive accounts. In doing this, you are also double-checking that all payments are going to the right vendors, preventing fraud.


Reporting & Help

  • Real-time interactive analytic reports based on the data and all the currently active cases.
  • Every application page has a dynamic guided tutorial available, as well as a knowledge base assistant on each page.
  • Multi-user experience with business unit separation and Azure Active Directory integration.