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Prevention is always better than cure

We are living in challenging times that may continue for some time to come. These times have brought to all of us a new way of working, namely working from home. Because of this fact we are also seeing less supervision and more unreported errors than ever before. Businesses across the globe are struggling to get things 100% right.

This is difficult to do even in the best of circumstances, and we are witnessing a significant rise in the rate of mistakes in compliance with sanctions, payments, master vendor data, and fraud in current times. We've observed a substantial increase in mistake rates across the board in these areas over the past year. The main reasons are lack of direct contact with colleagues, problems with communication, staff turnover, labor shortage and financial hardships. On top of all this, we are asking our staff in our shared service centers to do more under difficult circumstances.

Additionally, governments are punishing businesses and their accountable directors and managers for violating sanction and banned person lists. This is despite the fact that the regulations provide virtually little advice on how to attain compliance.

QuidPro was founded specifically to help our customers get on top of this, to prevent the above-mentioned errors from happening in the first place. We give managers an insight into what is happening, saving hundreds of hours in lost time and millions in fraud, erroneous payments and sanction busting fines.

All of this happens automatically in an easy-to-use app, installed locally or in the cloud.

If you want to prevent errors and become compliant, to save money and gain insight, just ask us how.

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